Where Fiscal Sponsorship
Meets Unmatched

All-in-one software for managing nonprofit, IRS-compliant workflows and advanced financial automation

All In One software for fiscal sponsors

Trusted by innovators and industry leaders:

Designed to Simplify

Manage sponsorships on one platform

Real-time compliance, control, and visibility for every project through a single purpose-built platform for fiscal sponsors.

Stay Compliant

Established and auditable workflows designed with leading nonprofit law firm Adler & Colvin to ensure compliance.

Oversee Spending

Full visibility of every transaction. Maintain auditable history of every expense, disbursement request, and approval.

Manage Operations

Monitor and coordinate activity across programs from a single dashboard with Ribbons all in one software for fiscal sponsors.

Built to Empower

Everything a nonprofit project
needs to scale

Securely provide a full suite of tools for compliant banking, disbursement and spending requests, donor and team management, and fundraising.  

Drive Donations

Leverage best practices and customizable donation forms with recurring donations and goal-based campaigns to amplify fundraising.

Control Your Funds

Confidently manage project funds with real-time visibility on Ribbon’s secure platform to ensure donor and sponsor fidelity.

Keep Accurate Books

Integrate your Chart of Accounts to categorize expenses and track against specific grants for to-the-moment bookkeeping and reporting.

What customers say
about Ribbon

“With Ribbon, we've transformed our approach to fiscal sponsorship. It’s more than just efficiency; it’s about empowering our team and the spiritual leaders we support to focus on what truly matters – their mission and impact."

Todd Brecher
Beloved Garden
Operations & Strategy Director
Braden Fineberg
Ribbon is more than a platform; it's a catalyst for change. By simplifying fiscal sponsorship, we empower nonprofits to leverage the benefits of tax-exempt status without the administrative burden. It's about turning good intentions into actionable, impactful realities.
Braden Fineberg

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