Donation Drives: What They are and How to Start Your Own

As a nonprofit, you might get overwhelmed by the influx of support and physical donations you receive throughout the year. Donors, in good faith, often donate goods that you might already have plenty of, or simply not need at the current moment in time. One way to make it easier for donors to know what […]

Fiscal Sponsorship Agreements: A Complete Guide

The demand for Fiscal sponsorship is growing and more common than you might think.  When formal nonprofits partner with other nonprofits and charitable projects, you have a recipe for more efficient and effective charities.  A typical sponsorship agreement starts as a mutual understanding of joining together for a cause and is formalized by a written […]

Fiscal agent vs fiscal sponsor: the key differences

Charitable ventures often partner with a fiscal sponsor or a fiscal agent to get their project off the ground and running. Some of the benefits of these types of partnerships are the administrative support, and time and money saved. If you’ve started researching these options you have likely seen that the term, fiscal sponsor and […]

Fiscal Sponsorship Models: A Guide to Different Models of Fiscal Sponsorship

The beginning stages of any new nonprofit venture greet its founders with various choices for formalizing the project. Founders can decide whether to find an existing nonprofit to partner with or to go it alone and undertake the 501(c)(3) process themselves. The choice of fiscal sponsorship is also an established option that can bring your […]

What does a nonprofit board do? A guide to nonprofit boards.

Building a nonprofit board of directors is one responsibility that usually falls within the early stages of nonprofit formation. After finishing your competitive assessment and getting a good grasp of the surrounding nonprofit landscape, you’ll need to name your organization, and assemble your nonprofit board members. What’s included in this article What does a nonprofit […]

Nonprofit Collaboration: Partnerships vs Fiscal Sponsorship vs Programs vs Coalitions

Nonprofit collaboration helps the nonprofit sector thrive by pooling together resources and work to support a common goal. Some of the ways that nonprofits collaborate are through partnerships, coalitions, shared programs, and fiscal sponsorship. Let’s dive into these charitable ventures and explore how Ribbon can help each succeed. Fiscal Sponsorship Fiscal sponsorship is a financial […]