Best Ways to Fundraise Series – Merchandise

Best Ways to FundraiseSo many of our customers at Ribbon are startup nonprofit entrepreneurs and one of the key questions they wrestle with is how to raise funds to deliver on their mission.  Here is the first part of our “Best Ways to Fundraise” Series focusing on merchandise.

Fundraising for a non-profit can seem like a daunting task, but there are numerous strategies and tools at your disposal. Given your focus on selling shirts you’ve designed, you can leverage this unique aspect and design a fundraising strategy around it. Here are a few steps to get started:

Build a Compelling Story:

People connect with stories and causes, not products. Articulate why you’ve designed these shirts, the cause you’re supporting, and the difference the proceeds can make. This story will become a central part of your branding and communication.

Develop a Strong Online Presence:

Create an attractive, user-friendly website where people can learn about your mission, view the shirts, and make a purchase. Leverage social media platforms to raise awareness, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your website. Showcase your designs, share behind-the-scenes content, and regularly update followers about the impact their purchase is making.


Partner with businesses, influencers, or celebrities who align with your cause. They can wear your shirts, promote your cause, and extend your reach.

Offline Events:

Organize local events or pop-up shops where you can sell your shirts and connect directly with the community. Partner with local businesses or participate in community events or fairs.

Corporate Sponsorships:

Reach out to companies for sponsorships. In return, you can offer to place their logo on your marketing materials or even on the shirts themselves.

Big-Box Partnerships:

Stop by the big-box stores in your community, tell them your story, and ask to place merchandise with them. They all have high traffic and many of them have the capability to dedicate space for local artists and community activities.

Direct Appeals:

Don’t forget the power of directly asking for support. Use email marketing, direct mail, or personal meetings to share your story and ask for donations.

Fiscal Sponsorship:

Consider seeking a fiscal sponsorship from an established non-profit. This could provide you with administrative support and make donations to your organization tax-deductible, making it more attractive to donors.  For great examples on non-profits doing exceptional things in their spaces, here are 11 Charities Excelling in Fiscal Sponsorship

Remember, successful fundraising is about building relationships and maintaining transparency. Regularly update your supporters on how funds are being used and the impact they’re making. This will help build trust and encourage them to continue supporting your cause.

Best Ways to Fundraise Part 2 Coming Soon

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Best Ways to Fundraise Series – Merchandise

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