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Ribbon is redefining the fiscal sponsorship landscape with its comprehensive suite of tools and features, designed to empower fiscal sponsors in managing their operations more efficiently and effectively.

Simplified Banking Solutions

Streamlined Back Office Operations

Fully Integrated Fundraising Capabilities

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Optimize your IRS-compliant workflows

Legal and fiscal compliance is baked into Ribbon’s system through workflows for Program Enablement, Expenditure Responsibility, and Treasury Management Services. The technicalities are taken care of so you can focus on your projects’ growth through our platform for modern fiscal sponsors.

Increase financial operations efficiency

Increase financial operations efficiency

Link all of your fiscal sponsorship accounts effortlessly with the ability to allocate funds to every program from anywhere. Ribbon maintains your program’s ledgers and an immediately available issuing account for daily spending delivering unparalleled visibility and flexibility in one seamless platform.

Leverage integrated tools across a program’s lifecycle

Ribbon supports contracting, billing, and relationship management using built-in tools, such as eSignature and document storage, US-based live chat support, and an established financial infrastructure. This removes the need for you to manage external log-ins and multiple systems, from the moment a program applies.

Time and money reinvested in your mission

Time and money reinvested in your mission

Expand your fiscal sponsorship portfolio with a 30% increase in operational efficiency and modernize the experience for your programs without increasing your headcount.

Ribbon’s transparent per program pricing allows you to configure the right solution whether you’re launching a fiscal sponsorship program or scaling an existing program.

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Step into the future with Ribbon – the comprehensive software platform that's redefining efficiency and impact in the nonprofit sector. Experience how our advanced tools for banking, accounting, compliance, and fundraising can transform your operations with our platform for modern fiscal sponsors.

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