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Minimize overhead and maximize impact with purpose-built software for non profit fiscal sponsor projects.

Non Profit Fiscal Spsonsor

Fundraising Tools

Essential, experience-enhancing donor tracking and stewardship tools include customizable donation forms and acknowledgement widgets, trackable pledge invoices, and exportable donor history to level-up your program’s fundraising.

Flexible Spending Tools for Modern Operations

Flexible Spending Tools for Modern Operations

Real-time visibility of the program’s available balance with multiple spending paths with spend cards, vendor bill pay requests, and team member reimbursements across every project.

Instant and Automatic Accounting Automation

Integrated fundraising and financial tools put everything at your nonprofit fiscal sponsor programs’ fingertips. With industry standard Visa merchant codes, customizable GL codes/ categories, and grant tagging & reporting, Ribbon provides a simple, compliant, all-in-one accounting solution.

Ribbon shows you how much remains in your grants and budgets, to enable seamless spending and compliance for you and your sponsor.

Full Stakeholder Compliance

Ribbon shows you how much remains in your grants and budgets, to enable seamless spending and compliance for you and your sponsor.

Ensure compliance with donors, vendors, and grantors. Issue project-branded donation acknowledgements and tax-deductible receipts. Get ahead of tax time with vendor profiles including W9 uploads and 1099 data exports. Manage grantor requirements with real-time spend down tracking and reporting customized to your budgets.

Make raising and managing funds a breeze.

The platform makes fundraising and fund management straightforward and efficient. With Ribbon, programs can easily manage and track funds, engage in effective fundraising activities, and streamline the overall process of managing donations and grants. This not only enhances the capacity to raise funds but also ensures effective management and allocation of those funds.

Simplify your banking with Ribbon

Ribbon offers a robust and integrated banking experience, tailored to the unique needs of charities and programs who are fiscally sponsored. Ribbon comes wrapped up with all the banking and accounting tools you’ll need to manage your organization’s finances.

Avoid back office headaches

Spend less time finding and filling out paperwork, managing funds and people, handling your nonprofit’s back office and more time doing good.

Ribbon charities are

than filing on your own

When you partner with Ribbon you save time, energy, and effort starting your nonprofit. Avoid complicated paperwork and IRS approvals while getting a complete platform for nonprofit banking, fundraising, and management.

501(C)(3) Application

*average approval process dependent on IRS processing times.

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