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Ribbon is an all-in-one-platform that helps existing fiscal sponsors efficiently manage their fiscally sponsored projects. With tools for banking, accounting, collaboration, compliance, and fundraising, you have everything you need to empower your programs to be successful.

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Here is what you need to know

We developed this guide as a help tool to make it easier for you to find information about starting a business and set up your site.

Our Mission

A platform built for nonprofits and their fiscal sponsorships.

Ribbon was built from the ground up to fit the unique needs of nonprofits that fiscally sponsor additional programs, charities, or groups. Our all-in-one platform gives you all the tools you’ll need to manage and distribute funds, collaborate internally, raise funds, and manage your sponsorships.

For nonprofits

Ribbon makes managing your fiscal sponsorships easy

When your nonprofit joins ribbon, we’ll use our platform to link your:

Once linked you’ll be able to manage your organization all from one easy-to-use platform. So your nonprofit spends less time managing operations and more time doing good.

Product feature

Avoid back office headaches

Spend less time finding and filling out paperwork related to your fiscal sponsorships and more time doing good. Our signup process will walk you through creating your nonprofit, setting up your bank account, and starting your new nonprofit in minutes!

You'll get:

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Everything you need to be successful, wrapped up with ribbon.

Fiscal Sponsor Software Team

Quick and easy banking

We give your organization the banking tools you need to manage, distribute, and receive funds immediately.

Custom donation forms

Receive donations from anywhere on the web with customizable donation forms.

Complete donor management

Manage, sort, and keep track of all your donors from your dashboard.

Fundraising tools

Tools and integrations to build fundraising campaigns and make raising funds easier.

Team member management

Build and manage your nonprofit's team and board with team member management tools, including document storage.

Custom integrations

Connect and integrate to dozens of tools nonprofits use every day to market and promote their programs.

Use Ribbon to save
time, money, and effort .

Ribbon helps new and existing nonprofits manage, run, and raise funds for their fiscal sponsorship program or fiscally sponsored projects.

How does Ribbon work?

Learn more about Ribbon.

How does Ribbon work?

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It is a breeze to work with and really love the snippets to pick out what you want in your design.


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Truly great agency and costumer support. The best one I've ever come across.

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